Monday, March 22, 2010

Oxygen sensor Spacer in work. Installation never been

It is possible to increase (increase air / fuel ratio) using this small metal part called “oxygen sensor spacer ”.(Not all car can use o2 spacer,some car may not benefit from it,and can try simple EFIE ,you can either duplicate one yourself or buy it)

A removal of the oxygen sensor from a direct contact with the exhaust gases to a farther place, where the oxygen reading will be reduced using the spacer.

The bigger the L size the less oxygen the sensor will “feel”. The result is: the car computer will order to inject less fuel and the combustion will be leaner.

This method isn’t working for all cars but many people still got excellent result using this part together with hho drycell system.

The spacer is affordable part and it is worth a try before installing more expensive system such as other ecu tuning system such as EFIE.

Install instructions:

Cooling period of 5~6 hours is need before you install the spacer to car exhaust manifold if you have run the car warm.

1)screw out the oxygen sensor using a 18 mm wrench. When the sensor is out don’t touch it’s head no matter how dirty it is.

2)screw the sensor into the spacer part (once again beware damaging the head)

3)screw the spacer combined with the sensor into the sensor’s place on the exhaust manifold.

4)activate your booster and take a test drive to check fuel consumption.

Important Notes:

A)My recommendation is to get two spacers : First time make a test run with one spacer, second time try it with two spacers connected in-line between the sensor and the manifold.

B) Notice not to run your engine using the Spacer part without the Hydrogen booster. A lean combustion without Hydrogen addition could hurt the engine.

C) If your oxygen sensor is close to his death (worked for 35000 Miles or more ) there is a probability that the extraction will finish it’s life due to the stress. In this situation it is recommended to prepare a new sensor and install it with the Spacer part instead of the old sensor. Old or bad sensors have negative effects on the engine and they make your car to use more fuel than necessary.

D) If your car have 2 sensors between the engine and the catalytic converter, it is necessary to install one (or two) spacer(s) on each sensor.

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