Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ammonia Hydroxide as Electrolyte ?

Acetic (ethanoic) acid and ammonia solutions each have a relatively low conductivity, However with the mixed of white vinegar which weak acetic acid it form. Ammonia acetate which is soluble salt which is better conductive. The neutralization of a weak acid, acetic acid, by a weak base, aqueous ammonia, is demonstrated. The nonconductance of water is compared to the poor conductance of 0.1M acetic acid and 0.1M aqueous ammonia. However, when the acetic acid and ammonia are mixed, the resulting solution of ammonium acetate is a very good conductor. That is why in the Super Fuel for production of HHHN is needed to add the acid base solution or powder to add the conductivity of the electrolyte solution of the fuel cell.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hi Guy's, I discovered an interesting thread on hhhn vs hho - HHOINFO about Dan Merrick claiming the following : "hhhn is not only more powerful but it is also a volume increase the hydrogen separates from the dipole nitrogen and any hydrogen that is free floating attach to nitrogen leaving the o2s to see just what we want it to. To understand it fully you must think outside the box . What is the true purpose of hhhn or hho it is not to run the car it is to change the fuel to burn quicker cleaner and yes cooler. Take a true hydrocarbon and hit it with a oh radical and it will shatter meaning you've made twice the fuel .The more of the big chains of true hydrocarbons the easier it is to shatter the carbons but we must also have enough hyd to fill back the carbons ends. This is where the ammonia comes into the picture. Always remember we want the good hyd meaning spinning the same way . The hyd will try to pare up quickly but the odd ball hyd will hook up to the oxygen making us a true radical which is what we need to crack the fuel.The only ways to crack fuel are pressure, heat , vacuum, tension changing and hydrogen oxygen radicals with a catalyst. This is what we are doing and when we thermal catalyst crack with all the above you've built a refinery on wheels .Remember the engine does not need a fuel ratio of 14.7 to 1 as old timers were taught gas is different in a liquid form. Think ac vacuum is liquid and pressure is gas Ive ran a 350 chev engine up to 150 to 1 so think outside the box. to lean can be done but when you understand the mixtures of true hydrocarbons you will succed. I will be coming out with a fuel reformer soon and it will amaze everyone . And for the ones asking about the ammonia it is not in the bubbler its in the cell it takes elec to break the bonds so we can recombine to hydrocarbons. For the ones that dont believe I want you to think a couple minutes and let this set in crude oil is thick how do you think we get gasoline or diesel out of it/? The answer is simple we crack it with hydrogen steam and a catalyst. Now if we can do this then what makes you think that we cant take gasoline or diesel and make even lighter fuel? They meaning the oil co have done the hard part so we start with that cleaner fuel now about what there putting into our fuel this can be beat but we must burn and control the fuel in small quantities to eliminate the coking build up they want us to have. Who do you think makes the fuel cleaners oil co and dont forget it comes from crude also . They have a win win bit not for long. Dan Merrick" They use this mixture : 3.785 Liters (AU) of 10% Ammonium hydroxide 1.26 Liters (AU) of White Vinegar 1500 grams of Nurofen (ibuprofen) 2.525 Liters of distilled water if its 10% Ammonium Hydroxide

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY Ignition Spark Optimizer

More Stable spark fire. More power grant & fuel save.
Use only capacitor with low ESR for more smooth effect.
Can try to get Supercapacitor more power.
However super capacitor are more expensive than ordinary.
Simple connect the positive to sources of ignition + or try to use Car fuse booklet to located the ignition fuse(*note use amp meter to test which 12v supply only on when turn on the ignition key)simply remove the fuse and tap the +wire of this ignition spark optimizer & the negative to firewall or negative of the battery.You should feel the immediate different on acceleration of your car.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HHO Amp Test

If your hho cell are high efficient produce (less than 45 c)low temperature quality gas, then try to lower the amp you use if you work without an EFIE.
Slowly lower the amp you use if the check engine light on.
Test until the check engine light off then you get suitable amp for HHO generator which suit you car engine.
First try with 15 A,then 10 A, then 5 A, then 3 A etc till get the best Amp.
of course high amp=higher gas production however it may not suit all engine.

Run Green and be happy.HHO= Hydrogen+Oxygen
Little production were help fuel to burn more efficient,but if too much it trick your car 02 sensor...Think?Then you understand What I mean.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Voltage Stabiliser & Ignition Booster coming soon.

25 million uF coming soon in middle of June.....
Stronger spark fire...more fuel saver!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can Cooking Oil Be Used As Lubricant Oil For Your Car?

Reveals a secret for car engine lubricant oil. Cooking Oil can actually replace the normal lubricant oil due to it is a type of synthetic oil.

Do you believe that the normally used cooking oil(palm oil based) can be used as lubricant oil for your car? As astounding as it sounds, this is what had been practiced by some residents in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Golf School Marketing Manager, Nik Safian said that he had been using the cooking oil or his Kancil (Malaysia’s local car –Daihatsu based) which he bought for only RM 2.50 (about USD 0.76).”My Kancil use 3 liters of lubricant oil. So I just put about 2 and a half packets of cooking oil to equal that amount. I used to spend about RM130 (about USD 39) for lubricant oil change. Now I only pay for the service charge.”

According to him by using the cooking oil, his engine temperature is low and the meter does not exceed more than one notch. When he actually bring his car to the workshop for service, the mechanic was very surprised by the fact that he had used the cooking oil as engine oil but he admitted that the cooking oil works just fine and can be used as an alternative to engine oil.

Ex Graduate from Arkansas University US, Hisham Abdullah,43, also used the cooking oil for engine oil for his Proton Iswara(another Malaysia’s local car). He said he had been using it for the past 1 year and his car engine works just fine.”Cooking Oil (Palm based) is a type of synthetic oil but nobody ever use them for car lubricant for the simple fact that they do not know about it,” he said again.

Car Mechanic, Mohd Tajuddin Ali reveals that he had been using this cooking oil for engine oil since he met with an oil expert in US and was told this secret. “Only palm oil based cooking oil can be used for engine oil. Do not use corn, vegetable or beans based oil for engine oil due to its nature to freeze on low temperatures.

He said that this is definitely a relief to him due to costly engine oil in the market (4 liters of semi-synthetic oil could reach to RM 140(about USD 42) and fully synthetic oil could reach to RM 200 (about USD 60)).

However he advise people to change the car hose(gasket) to a better one before trying to use the cooking oil for engine oil.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Hydrogen Drycell coming soon.....

New Hydrogen Drycell......further separate hho to H2 & O2 gas in different chamber.
Only Pure H2 gas enter engine air intake while O2 gas were release to atmosphere.
No need ECU tuning anymore....Currently under testing.
June 2011......release.....