Friday, February 5, 2010

Secret of Titanium Drycell

Not knocking stainless steel - We believes the material was a good start towards well designed HHO generators - but the issues with current HHO generators: corrosion, electrical resistance, excessive heat and the problem of leeching hexavalent chromium, are non-existent with Titanium units.

Whats so special about Titanium?

These new Titanium Substrate HHO Cells produce a more pure form of HHO gas. Also, unlike Stainless Steel, Titanium will not leach hexavalent chromium during electrolysis, which has been a major concern for HHO enthusiasts from the beginning.

Chromium ions in the HHO gas of Stainless Steel act to accelerate the decay of orthohydrogen to para-hydrogen. Orthohydrogen is 4x more reactive than para-hydrogen. Titanium cells make no chromium ions or other ions. That is why the HHO gas from a Titanium Cell is more reactive.

Yes of course we knew that there are people using the MMO coating Titanium plates,however in a Titanium HHO Cell, the Cathode CANNOT be MMO coated! The cathode must remain bare titanium only, the coating will come off during electrolysis. Only the anode requires MMO Titanium Substrate material.However the coating may still come out from anode after long time of usage,yes it last for long time but still come out. This is the reason why people have experienced problems with their MMO Titanium HHO Cells having a very short life span especially there using high Amp.

And there is few information about that Pure titanium if not MMO coating CANNOT use as anode. Yes! The pure titanium plates cannot use as the anode ,IT block current.You were never believe it until you try it .WHY? This was because of the oxidization on the anode .Anode produce Oxygen when use the Titanium the a thin layer of Titanium Oxide were built up due to the oxidization.And this Titanium Oxide were block the current .The Amp drop immediate to nun just after few seconds we start the drycell.

At the end of days we decide to use expensive Nickel Super Alloy as the anode & neutral plates & the Pure Titanium for the cathode .

New Titanium Pro H2 EX cells include: no metal breakdown, which means the water stays perfectly clear, and the units seem to take less HHO gas to get the same results as a standard stainless steel cell using larger volumes.

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