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HHO DRYCELL Questions Answered

Q: What exactly is HHO gas

A: HHO, also known as Brown's Gas or Hydroxy, is produced when we separate water into 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen (2 Hydrogen 1 Oxygen), by using electricity from the car's battery.

Q: How does it work?

A: In the unit plates of metal electrodes(Super Alloy & Titanium) are immersed in water. When electricity is introduced to one plate it travels through the water to the opposite plate. In doing so the water breaks down into its component parts which are hydrogen and oxygen or HHO

Q: What type and size of engine does it work on?

A: This works on any combustion process, so size in this case does not matter

Q: How long has the technology been around?

A: This technology has been used in cars since the 1930’s
In those times the fuel was very crude and the engines consumed a lot of the lubricating oil. This caused the combustion process to be so dirty that it was common to take the spark plugs out regularly, in order to clean the residues off them.
The early hydrogen generator allowed this poor quality of fuel to be burned more completely, same as today, which stopped the plugs from being fouled.

Q: How safe is it and what are the safety features?

A: It is as safe as water as that is where the hydrogen and oxygen is stored. Once released it is immediately consumed by the engine. When the engine stops the unit stops producing hydrogen. Water is a lot safer than petrol, diesel, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid etc

Q: How efficient is the combustion process?

A: When this product is used the combustion process becomes much more efficient and more power is produced from the same quantity of petrol or diesel. This allows the engine to operate more cleanly, cooler and more efficiently

Q: Why is it a good idea to convert your car to an HHO hybrid Car?

A: Because by having an HHO hybrid Car, you will be able to:

1. Increase your fuel efficiency by 25-30% on average and save thousands of pounds on fuel every year
2. Improve efficient burning of fuel and greatly reduce engine clatter and carbon deposits
3. Reduce emissions and discharges and help in the fight against Global Warming
4. Greatly enhance your engine's performance
5. Reduce the vibration and enjoy a smoother engine operation
6. Prolong the life expectancy of your engine and transmission.

Q: Why is our Hydroxgas DryCell the best?

A: The materials used are the best that can be sourced and the design of unit overcomes any electrical edge losses that appear to be inherent in inferior designs. Thousands of hours of research have been put in to the product to produce the most efficient, reliable and best value for money product on the market, since its launch in the global market.New series had futher enforce construction by FRP resin.

Q: Will this system damage my engine?

A: By following our installation instructions it will not harm the engine in any way. In fact it will clean it and improve its performance and smoothness of power flow, this also benefits the transmission.

Q: How hard is it to install this system? Is it transferable?

A: It is very easy to assemble and install our fuel economy device on your car and you can install this apparatus at home. The device can also be transferred to the next vehicle you own. Full instructions are supplied, if you have any difficulty a local mechanic will be able to fit this device in about an hour.

Q: Will the unit cause any corrosion in my engine?

A: No, any water that is produced during the combustion process is in vapour form due to the high temperatures and is merely released through the exhaust

Q: Does the unit work with fuel injection as well as carburettors

A: Yes and the computers on modern cars are self -adjusting and even the older types of computer will eventually learn to allow for the higher-octane fuel the hydrogen produces. This can take up to five tanks of fuel.

Q: What type of electrolyte is best to use?

A: We have found from our experience that the best electrolyte is KOH Potassium hydroxide.
This chemical is not consumed during the process of hydrogen production which means that only distilled water needs to be added in order to top up the unit.
Another effect is that no dangerous residues are produced which would have to be disposed of.

Q: Is the unit a modification of the car

A: The cell is not a modification, it is an addition and as such has no effect upon any guarantees. In the USA this was established in a court case called the Moss Magnusm act.

Q: What servicing is required

A: A weekly check on the quantity of distilled water in the cell at first, to check that the cell is functioning, as it should, then a monthly top up should be sufficient. In the case of a commercial operation we offer a supporting service contract or it can be done in house. Regular maintenance will ensure optimum running of the cell assuring the operator of the maximum savings for the fleet of vehicles.

Q: Is this device explosive.

A: Very glad to say NO to that question, with this device the hydrogen is created as you drive and is not stored in the vehicle except as water, which is a lot safer than many of the liquids stored in our cars and trucks.However HHO gas was highly explosive that the output air line should keep away from flame & ignition.The system were very safe & add safety to car if install correctly.

Q: What if I lose economy after a period of time

A: The answer will be to check that there is enough liquid in the cell and that there is an electrical supply. A simple amperage test can establish exactly what energy is being consumed and this will tell at what rate the cell is operating.

Q: What do I do if the cell freezes in the winter?

A: A small amount of denatured alcohol can be added, around 5% will protect to about ten below. The unit will not be harmed by freezing and will simply thaw out once it starts to work.

Q: What are the issues for Insurance?

A: If you are concerned about the impact on insurance we recommend you contact your insurance company. The salient factors to note are:

- It is an accessory: an add on to the fuel system

- It is completely reversible as there are no permenant changes to the vehicles settings or performance

- It is safe as it does not store hydrogen but creates it steadily from water stored in a small reservoir as the engine is running

- The fuel economy device operates by giving more complete combustion of the fuel, thus causing the engine to use a smaller amount of fuel for a given performance, resulting in an improvement in fuel economy and a smoother operation of the engine.

- It does not change the configuration of the engine

- It is not a modification but an after market 'add on'

We will continue to upload relevant information to this page in order to keep you abreast of developments in this area and how to get the best from your fuel economy cell.

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