Thursday, December 17, 2009

Simple EFIE O2 enhancer

Simple Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer adjuster wires inline between the oxygen sensor and ECU. You need to cut only the prior (before the catalytic converter) O2 sensor's signal wire . This device does not require a higher degree of skill it has a basic installation can be performed in 20 minutes without any special expertise. If car has one prior and one post oxygen sensor, you have to wire up EFIE adjuster to the prior sensor only. Two EFIE units will be required for each prior oxygen sensor if dual exhaust installed with two upstream sensors before the catalytic converter.
*This EFIE is not intended to be a fuel saver by itself.You should install a device that is designed to get more energy out of the same fuel,such as a hydrogen gas electrolyzer, afuel vapor production unit,water menthol injector, or other device that gets more power out of the same fuel by increasing the efficiency of the burn.

1. Find the signal wire of (prior - upstream) oxygen sensor according to the chart below.
2. Splice the signal wire and contact the green wire the o2 sensor side, the Blue cable to the other end to ECU.

COLOR MATCHING by 1,2,3,4 wire O2 sensors:

signal blue contact here white contact here green contact here black contact here
ground white ----- green ----- yellow ----- gray -----
heater black ----- black ----- black ----- white -----
heater black ----- black ----- black ----- white -----


1. If the engine is fitted with two precat oxygen sensors in each bank before the catalytic converter, you will need two units.
2. If the sensors are positioned in line you have to wire up the chip to the prior sensor only.

3.Some car may vary in wire color of the Narrowband sensor check & re-check the signal wire have voltage readings constantly fluctuating between 0~1 volt.

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